George Floyd's brother: 'People want to see change, they want to see justice' - PBS NewsHour

Benjamin Crump:

I believe that the police officer will be charged with some level of manslaughter by, when they look at all of the evidence, the fact that she was a 26-year police veteran, and she was training people on that day.

And there's a lot of suspicions. And they're looking into whether or not they even should have been stopping people for expired license tags, because the DMV had been shut down and backlogged since COVID-19 pandemic.

And so there was a directive sent out that don't be stopping people for having expired tags, because it may be they haven't been able to get an appointment with the DMV. And so I say that to say it seems like, even for minor traffic events, Black people end up dead in some of the most unusual, bizarre ways.

I mean, think about George Floyd, Philonise's brother. That $20 counterfeit bill, that is a misdemeanor. He could have been given a ticket. They had the discretion to do that. But when it is Black people in America, they always engage in doing the most, the most infuriating manner to use excessive force against us.

I just see George over the $20. I think about the sergeant in Virginia who — putting his hands out the window, being very reasonable.

And then I think about Daunte, this young man who probably was not making the best decision. But he didn't put them in harm's way. He was trying to get away from them on a traffic citation. And they shoot and kill him, right in the midst of the Derek Chauvin trial regarding George Floyd's killing, which I believe is the seminal civil rights case in policing in America's history, that you would have a police officer kill a young man, an unarmed young man, within 10 miles from where the courthouse…

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April 14, 2021 at 05:45AM

George Floyd's brother: 'People want to see change, they want to see justice' - PBS NewsHour
"want" - Google News

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